Monthly Archives: December 2010


Well, that was a grand start, wasn’t it? One introduction and one review, and then I disappeared. I guess you all know how it is sometimes  – wonderful Thanksgiving and family, followed by sickness, the chaos of dirty laundry and dirtier dishes, and the hamster wheel of trying to make enough money.  I’m back now. There are still smelly clothes and a messy kitchen, but they’re back under control. Mostly I’ve been trying to make a decent salary through freelance work, primarily through So far, I feel like I’ve hardly made any money, and I’ve worked pretty hard. However, my work speed is getting much faster. Hopefully in another week or two I’ll work fast enough for it to be worthwhile. Meanwhile, I intend to be writing here every couple of days, especially since I’ve got a backlog of reviews to write –“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” (depressing), “Tangled” (cute) and the last two books of Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion trilogy (thought-provoking).

I hope you’ve got something to look forward to!